You Talkin’ To Me?

Acrylic painting of Wildebeest – 30″ x 40″ – currently available at the Aeolian Hall – Holiday Art Show – group show, London ON. See the art by going to one of the wonderful concerts at the Aeolian, or drop in on a weekday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Show continues till end of January. 
Painting - A Whispered Prayer

A Whispered Prayer

The painting below, although a pure abstract, spoke to me of a subject as I worked on it. It seemed to represent some of the attributes of prayer: the speed that prayer moves at, the ripples that prayer causes, and the way that light comes down to embrace it. A Whispered Prayer – original acrylic – 18″ x 24″ – $432. + HST – available from the artist. 

When the Art Leaves Home

I am often asked if it is difficult to part with my paintings – after all a lot of effort and emotion, including all those years of practice, go into a good painting. Sometimes it is hard to let them go but mostly, after painting as many as I have, some of these babies need to find a new home! At my current art show at the Aeolian Hall, someone approached me to say that they owned one of my large paintings. The fact that it was still well loved was very evident in their face and voice. So lovely for me to hear! I responded, “I’m happy to know that it found a good home.” They answered with a big smile and nod. A different purchaser a while ago told me that the painting that they had bought was in a prominent place in their home, and it had helped them to find peace during a difficult time. It doesn’t get more special than that. I am so grateful to be able to share my joy – what a priviledge! 
Tree Painting by Cheryl O

Five Thoughts to Encourage Art Students

Great art is very accessible these days. As a result, most of us know what we like  and what we don’t like. The problem manifests when a person is new into painting. They know what type of art they consider good art, but it’s just not flowing off their brush that way. It’s a dilemma. Here are some thoughts to give encouragement in that moment: 1. Every great artist was a beginner once. They had to learn how to mix colours and how to make the shapes and lines that best express their views in art. Being a beginner is where we all start. Michaelangelo said, “If they knew how hard I worked, they wouldn’t call it genius.”  2. If it was too easy, it would not be fun. We would all sit home and do paint by numbers instead. Embrace a spirit of adventure and enjoy the challenge. 3. As you get certain aspects of painting under the belt, they become intuitive, and painting gradually becomes more personal and rewarding. Be patient. Pianists understand that they can’t sit down and play a complex piece of music without practice. The same applies to painting. 4. Enjoy the fellowships. Artists, even brand new beginning artists, share an attitude that wants to be encouraging, not competitive, with one another. 5. You will learn to love the process – and this will be the key that unlocks the treasures of creativity for you. It’s just plain good for your spirit to get into the creative mode and leave the world behind. In this hectic world, we need a place of refreshing. That is what creativity is to many of us. Those of you who have been painting for awhile, what would you like to say to encourage beginners? Your comments welcome.