When the Art Leaves Home

Fruit1TI am often asked if it is difficult to part with my paintings – after all a lot of effort and emotion, including all those years of practice, go into a good painting. Sometimes it is hard to let them go but mostly, after painting as many as I have, some of these babies need to find a new home! At my current art show at the Aeolian Hall, someone approached me to say that they owned one of my large paintings. The fact that it was still well loved was very evident in their face and voice. So lovely for me to hear! I responded, “I’m happy to know that it found a good home.” They answered with a big smile and nod. A different purchaser a while ago told me that the painting that they had bought was in a prominent place in their home, and it had helped them to find peace during a difficult time. It doesn’t get more special than that. I am so grateful to be able to share my joy – what a priviledge!