3 Sure Fire Signs of Creative Mode

NoWor250All artists long for more of it – the sometimes illusive creative mode. How does it manifest?

1. Time stands still – in other words you lose all track of time. Einstein said, “When you are courting a nice girl, an hour seems like a second. When you are sitting on a hot cinder, a second feels like an hour. That’s relativity.” The first part, about courting, that would be the creative mode.

2. No worries, no problems, no matter how pressing, can intrude into the creative space. This aspect of being absorbed into creativity is just plain wonderful! A refreshing escape without having to pay for a plane ticket.

3. At times it feels like the creative work is making itself. What happens feels so natural that the artist has the odd sensation of being a mere observer of their creation.

These 3 are my own personal experience as an artist. How do you experience the creative mode? Anything to add to my list?