Green for the Irish

WetlandsT150In honour of St. Patty’s day, I thought I’d share some of my favourite green mixtures. The can’t-miss-must-have mix is ultramarine blue plus any primary yellow. I find myself using cadmium yellow these days. This mix can lean to the blue, making a hooker’s green, or lean to the yellow, making a sap green. I never buy those 2 greens – they are just too easy to mix. The one green that I do buy is phthalo green (yellow shade). The brilliance of this colour cannot be mixed. Think brilliant emerald green. If you want to tone it down, a bit of burnt sienna does the trick. I also add yellow or blue to the phthalo green from time to time. And the green they put into beer tomorrow? I have no idea. Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone!