6 Fun Ways to Explore Colour

Tulip7TSure you have your favourite colours to paint with. That’s a good thing. However, maybe you are ready to change things up and try some completely different colour combination. Here are some ways to explore – the idea is to use the colours, but not with the same subject:

1. Check out your favourite multi coloured shirt or scarf. What colours are in it? Paint with them.

2. Go for a walk and choose some colour combinations from nature to paint with.

3. Look at your favourite famous painting. Use those colours in a painting – of a completely different subject.

4. Google “Hubble telescope images” and choose the colours from a part of one of those photos.

5. Go for another walk and find a stone with colours you like – paint with them.

6. Choose a favourite photo and use some of the colours in it to paint a different subject.

Possible colour combinations are endless, and each has it’s own unique impact and mood. Have fun exploring!