6 Quick Fixes for the Artistic Soul

1stSno250I have often thought that times we need our art most can be times when it’s hardest to get around to it. Although some thrive on being busy, others tend to feel overwhelmed with the long to do lists that happen this time of year. Here are some suggested ‘quick fixes’ for your artistic soul this busy season.




1. Make a habit of pausing now and then to think of one thing to be thankful for – perhaps your creative spirit! /

2. Sit down and, even though there is no time to paint, jot down what subjects or themes you would like to paint next. /

3. Get a soft pencil – 4B or softer – and do a few quick sketches. Use your finger to smear it for fast shading./ 

4. Keep your camera nearby for when something beautiful catches your eye. / 

5. Set out a couple of your favourite art books and take a 15 minute break to flip through them. / 

6. Bless a total stranger with a cheery smile while you are out and about. It’s one of the nicer things that can be contagious!