6 Things I’m Thankful For

AutHills325Thanksgiving this past weekend has me pondering the things that I am thankful for as an artist. Here is a partial list. I am thankful for:

1. living in a time and place where there are wonderful art supplies available. I can choose paints that are permanent and non-toxic. / 

2. the many inspiring artists who have gone before that I can study and learn from / 

3. the internet – so I can see so much great artwork, and network with contemporary artists too! / 

4. amazing family and friends who help me and cheer me on in my creative adventures, including help with my website /

5. terrific art students to share this journey with / 

6. Last but not least, a loving Creator who has made a marvelous world that I am continually in awe of. I could never paint more than just a tiny fraction of it in my lifetime. / 

So much to be thankful for! What does your thankful list look like?