7 Ways to Get Going and Paint!

Flow3TWhat gets you going? It really doesn’t matter if I know – but it’s very important for you to know yourself this way. When it comes to painting, here are a few ways that help some artists to get going…

1. Have a place where you can leave the paint and painting out – even just a card table in a corner. You are much more likely to go and paint if it is easily accessible.

2. Think of your work as an exercise, rather than a masterpiece. Aiming at a learning experience takes a lot of the pressure off and makes it easier to start. And if it’s a masterpiece after all – that’s a nice bonus!

3. Be spontaneous. Grab the brush at a time of day you might not usually, and just get a little bit done.

4. Be a planner. If you respond to schedules well, then block off some time weekly for painting. And why not block off a couple in case something gets in the way of one of the planned painting times?

5. Take a class or find a painting buddy. Painting with others helps you keep that time commitment.

6. Enjoy the act of painting, and focus less on the end product. It’s fun to express yourself freely! It’s fun to try new things!

7. Get the support of your live-in critics. Sometimes your family needs to be informed that, even if it’s a hobby, this painting time is important to you!

What things help you to pick up the brush? Let us know in the comments so we can use them too – thanks!