Artist’s Hoarding Disorder

Tulip4TA recent writing by Canadian artist Robert Genn used this interesting phrase – or something similar. I think all artists have it. For me, it’s the stocking up of paint when it goes on sale. Naturally I tell myself I’m saving money. And I do eventually use it all, finding myself amazed to be running out of my favourite phthalo again. I think collage artists get it the worst. When you get into collage, dollar stores become gold mines. Glitter and so very many interesting small items that could be adhered to a canvas to make a fascinating image. Scraps of various types of papers wander into your home and start accumulating. Really, when you get into collage, nothing in the house is safe from being glued onto an image. Too much fun! Do you have Artist’s Hoarding Disorder? What items do you hoard?