Artists: Watch out for these 5

Quote: Just Say NoWatch out for these items that can get in the way of you painting:

1. Negative attitude. That could be your own or others. Just say ‘no’ to negative attitudes. You can learn how to paint!

2. Procrastination. Some of us are really good at this. Watch out for it, get out the brush, and simply put off procrastinating.

3. Fear of the white canvas or paper. This is art – not brain surgery. Worse case scenario, you have a learning experience instead of making a masterpiece. Hey! That’s totally o.k. – very good, even.

4. You are under stress. Yup, we have all been there – too often. And, those are the times you most need to be painting. Remember, painting easily becomes your refreshing time, giving you the strength to go back and face whatever is stressing you out. So much more satisfying than running in circles holding your head.

5. Now I’ll get personal – too much time spent on the computer. Ouch. I am so guilty. Hoping that confessing this will help me fight against it. And therefore… this list ends here.

Happy painting!