Getting Unstuffed for Christmas

I read it somewhere, and thought it was a great phrase. We likely have too much stuff. Could we get unstuffed for Christmas this year? Here are some ideas… I loved a daughter in law’s suggestion of goodies for the adults instead of gifts. We all make or buy a dozen of our favourite treats, then put them into bags for each adult to take home one of each. Another thing I thought of, and this is embarrassing, I have 2 extra coats in my closet that I haven’t worn in over a year. By golly, I need to get those off to the Goodwill Store! What about taking people to a concert, theatre production, art gallery, or even a movie instead of more stuff? You’ve probably also heard of World Vision and their wonderful program of buying a goat or pig or chickens for a family living in poverty. What a great gift idea! Here’s a link to check this out…World Vision Gift Catalogue. The local food banks also need donations. What non perishables do you have in the cupboard that could be passed on? I am quite sure I’ve barely scratched the surface of this concept. So now I’m turning it over to you. What ideas do you have for getting unstuffed for Christmas? I’ll be looking for your comments – right after I get back from Goodwill. 

Finding Creative Space

I’m betting you are busy. Not just a little, but crazy busy. It’s the way our world runs these days – fast! How do we get off, slow down, make a creative space? I’m talking about 30 minutes to an hour of lovely creative time a day. I don’t have all the answers, I struggle too. But here are a few things that help me to find some creative space. 1. Recognize that everything else will benefit, yup, even go better, if you take some time to refresh your spirit by being creative.2. Acknowledge that most of what we do in non work hours doesn’t have such huge urgency that it can’t wait an hour. Or even a day. If you don’t tidy up before Great Aunt Bertha gets there, the world will carry on, quite oblivious. And so likely will Aunt Bertha.3. Stand still. Breathe deep. And then make a list. Figure out what you must do, and what can wait. Writing things down can be a great way to have a brief closure on the “to do” (or as I like to call it, “do do”) list. 4. Go Create. Because no one else can create in the same unique way that you do. End of story.  Those are my thoughts. What are yours? Share with us what things help you pull away from crazy busyness and find a creative space in your world. 

Website – Live!

Welcome to my new website and blog! Paintings, contests, surveys, featured art students, art course info, tips and techniques – and more. I hope you will enjoy what this site has to offer. The blog appears on the homepage. What’s this blog about? This is where I write about creativity and how to be more creative. I share painting tips and techniques. There will be links to art websites. You will also find some favourite quotes here, about art and about life. The category ‘Outside the Box’ is a catch all for topics that don’t fit into the other ones. A lot of what I write will be art focused. Some of my writing will share my experiences as a full time artist/art instructor, and hey, some will be about life! Because – art happens, and life happens. The technical difficulties with the for sale and sold galleries have been fixed! If you couldn’t see images there before, you should be able to now. Yay Wilf! New blog posts happen most weekdays, Monday through Friday. Here’s the thing. I also hope that this blog will be about you. How? I’m hoping for comments – lots of them! I’m hoping you will find the content often worth sharing with your friends too – on Facebook, on Twitter, or anywhere at all. So today my request is, take a look around and tell me what you think. Tell me, over all impressions, your favourite parts, if something doesn’t work for you. Whatever your thoughts are, I’m hoping to hear from you. Enjoy! 

Thank You!

Thank you for registering online. Your transaction was successful, and PayPal has emailed a receipt. [If it doesn’t arrive in a few minutes, check your spam/junk folder]. I’m looking forward to seeing you at the first class. Bring your spirit of adventure along with your paints!  Click here to go to the Home page.  

Art Show – Information for Students

1. FEE: There is a non-refundable $15.00 (includes HST) fee for the 1st accepted painting, and $10 each for additional accepted paintings. 2. HOW TO PREPARE THE ARTWORK FOR THE SHOW: All art must be ready to hang. Works on paper must be matted, backed with foam core and fully framed with glass and wire. Works on prestretched canvas do not have to be framed but if unframed, must be painted around the edges and ready to hang (wire on the back). Bring printed labels as well (see #3 below). Paintings that are not ready to hang and properly labeled when delivered will not be hung up at the show. 3. LABELS: Cheryl will give you a sheet of painting labels. These can be run through your printer, or neatly hand printed. Each label should be clearly marked with the following: ARTIST: TITLE: MEDIA: PRICE: (or mark NOT FOR SALE). Remember the library takes 15% commission on sales.  4. DELIVER paintings to Westmount Library: Wednesday May 30 between 6 & 7 p.m. A friend may do this too. 5. PICK UP: Paintings remain for the month of June. They need to be picked up by the artists Saturday June 30 at 4:00 p.m. If you cannot pick your work up at the set time, please assign a friend or family member to do it for you. Give them a signed list that shows the title and media of each of your works that they will be picking up. 6. SALES: A.The usual is to ask the purchaser if they would be willing to leave the item on the wall till the show ends. There will be red sold stickers in the back of the guest book at the library. You should go and put a sold sticker on the labels of your paintings that sell. You also arrange with the purchaser to meet them at the library on the last day of the show to take payment and give them the painting. B.If this does not suit them (maybe it is a gift, or they are from out of town), then you could meet them at the library to receive payment and give them the painting immediately. In this case, you need to let the library know, because they will notice that a painting is missing. Please also call Cheryl to let her know (519-649-1356) about any paintings that you are taking down before June 30. 7. PERCENTAGE COMMISSION TO LIBRARY: Bring cash with you on June 30 that equals 15% of your sales (exact change please). Cheryl will then put that into an envelope for the library and give it to them that day. 8. INVITATIONS: Cheryl will be printing up invitations and giving at least 9 of these to each participant. You may request more. If you are not currently in class, arrange to pick up extras prior to a class. 9. RECEPTION (MEET THE ARTISTS): The success of this show highly depends on you each asking your friends and family to the reception afternoon, Saturday June 02, 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. I can’t emphasize enough how important this is. Each participant is encouraged to be present at the opening if at all possible. The majority of sales