Joyful Journeys

Of all the characteristics of any painting, colour is the one that speaks the most naturally to our emotions. Bright colours energize and say ‘look at me’! Cool blues are calming. Yellows and oranges often feel cheerful. These are generalizations, but the link is there. More information here: Joyful Journeys 

For the love of flowers

Thank you for the many many folks who responded in agreement to my recent “Black Lives Matter” email. I thought that you would understand. I hope that we each continue to find meaningful ways to speak against prejudice and racism in all its ugly forms. Flowers. Think of the strong associations these have for us with love, both romantic and affectionate. Associations with caring and consolation. With spring and new life. With a joyful sense of colour and just plain being. More information here: For the love of flowers 

All That Greenness

Yesterday I was so delighted to welcome over 70 members into the new art group “Keep the Brush Moving”. Unfortunately registration is now closed but if you missed out – no worries. This is simply a 2 month Beta founding group. We will be taking most of July and August off and registration will open again in August for a September start up. All that to say, you will be able to join again at some point. More information here: All That Greenness 

Online Learning

First let me tell you about Pam. Pam had told me quite emphatically, “I will never take an online course.” Then isolation hit when we were halfway through the recent Collage Class and I switched it to online. Pam said she would “give it a try.” After a couple of weeks, Pam was obviously enjoying it all including our Zoom sessions. And when I put the word out about an online art membership, she was one of the first to sign up. Don’t let your fear of the unknown with online learning hold you back. (Note: Membership is now closed. Next opportunity to sign up will be August 2020, for a membership starting September 2020.) 

Brand New Idea

I have an idea. What about a membership? To encourage each other to paint. Naturally there will be a teaching component too – to help your art to grow. (Update: 17 May 20 – the current membership is now closed. Next opportunity to sign up will happen in August 2020, for a membership starting September 2020.)