Chaos and Organization

BrereRabbit350fullI live this odd imbalance between creative chaos and organization. Granted, these characteristics don’t usually reside together on the same day. I may have several creative chaos days in a row, but then the need to organize kicks in, and the paints get put back into their proper place – sometimes very briefly. It’s a little like waves on the beach – you know they are going to surge forward again. I would say that creative chaos is my most common painting mode these days. Letting go of expectations, even of subjects, I get the canvas covered with colour and see what might arrive. One time sunflowers came to be on the canvas, another time it was horses, ancient ruins a few times, and most recently a rabbit appeared. I am welcoming to most subjects that want to visit my canvas, with the notable exception of spiders. What about you – does your creative mode have a chaotic or organizational emphasis?