Childlike Creativity

Boy1TWhen it comes to art, I can see some real benefits to being childlike. Here’s my list:

1. A sense of wonder. This comes naturally to most artistic people. The wonder of colour, of nature, of the world about and within. Einstein said it was key to who he was. / 

2. An avid curiosity. “What happens if..” The ways of completing that are endless in art. / 

3. A willingness to learn new things. With art, there is always something new to try: new colours, new shapes, new subjects, new types of lines, new combinations of these – it’s truly endless. / 

4. That sense of joy that creating brings. Sometimes I can’t stop smiling when the art is going well. It even makes me give a little dance or laugh out loud at times – too much information? / 

Maybe this is why children do art so naturally and easily.

Have I missed anything on the list? What do you think – are there positives about being childlike as an artist?