Fear Factor

Being human, we have a lot of things in common. Most humans are afraid of something. Take artists for example. We share some of the common phobia like spiders and heights – but some artists also have fears of things like blank canvas, writer’s block, or stage fright. I wonder what the roots of this are? Perhaps its the fear that we will have nothing worth saying with our art. Or the fear that no one will want to hear what we have to say if we say it. Or worse, that only negative reactions will result from our art. I suggest that the cure relates back to the first sentence – that being, we have a lot in common. Yes, we are each wonderfully unique and yet if you work at your creative art, if you study and practice and find your voice, chances are big that what you have to say is going to resonate deeply with some of those that you share it with. Everyone? Rarely. Lots of people? I believe so. Don’t let the fear win. You have something to say. (Oil painting “Apple Blossoms” by Cheryl O)

Oil Painting of Apple Blossoms