Judy Stirling

  • How long have you been painting?

    I have been painting for 4 years, since I began lessons with Cheryl. I have been taking lessons consistently since that time as taking lessons keeps me painting.

  • Why did you first want to learn to paint?

    I began to paint as I was looking for a new hobby while I was recovering from surgery. I knew I wasn’t able to maintain my regular more active hobbies so painting seemed a good choice.

  • What type of paint do you like to work in?

    My favourite medium is oil. In addition to the thick and luscious texture and the depth of colour, I love the flow of oil from the brush. Having said that, I also enjoy watermedia, particularly the wet-in-wet style as I love to watch the explosion of colour as the paint explores the canvas.

  • Do you have a favourite subject?

    I like most subjects as long as there is depth of colour. I particularly enjoy close-ups of fruit and flowers. In painting these subjects, I am encouraged to really see them and appreciate the beauty that usually eludes me.

  • What inspires you to be creative?

    I am inspired by colour. I am also inspired by being surprised when I see everyday objects from a totally new perspective, as if I am seeing them for the very first time.

  • Do you have any favourite artists?

    Barbara Rainforth is my favourite artist. I love her use of colour.

  • How does painting affect your life?

    Painting increases my mindfulness. When I am painting, I don’t fret over the past or worry about the future. Painting puts me in the ‘here and now’. It’s wonderful therapy.



Paintings by Judy Stirling