Finding Your Unique Voice

Mountain PaintingThere are 2 basic challenges with discovering your own unique voice in paint. The first is technical. If you haven’t mastered the techniques, from basics to more complex in both colour mixing and composition, it’s hard to speak clearly. Like a child with a very limited vocabulary, you may get really excited about what you want to say, but just can’t find the best way to say it. Practicing is the cure for this.

The second problem is more of a challenge. You have a wide range of techniques under your belt, but exactly how to combine them to express yourself clearly in painting can be a real challenge. It helps a lot if you feel passionate about your subject. It also can help if you continue to hold a playful attitude to your work. Hoping that every piece will be a masterpiece is a lot of unnecessary pressure. Knowing that it’s alright for some paintings to be practice and play, can actually make you more prone to producing some unique expressive masterpieces. The joy of art is primarily the journey rather than the destination, the creative act rather than the end product. Whatever stage you are at, if you are enjoying the journey, it will show in your art.