Fluff Bums

I can be pretty goal oriented at times. Some might call it self motivated. Others might call it driven. It is what it is, and many of you know that right now and for the next few months I am to be focussing on my painting. My family and friends are wonderfully understanding and help me to find that fine thin line between being a happy hermit artist, and a happy hearted human who still has some vague idea of how to relate to other people that they love.  So, the art time is happening! Not meeting my goals everyday, but many days I do, and that’s life. Aaaaaand… I’ve just come up with a completely different out of the box creative project I really want to work on! It’s secret for now. But now I have to figure out how to chase this beguiling new fluff bum without losing too much time from my painting time. Should all dilemmas be so very pleasant. Wishing you all the best in chasing your ducks. (And thanks to Sue Fitzmaurice Author for the quote and image.)