Getting Unstuffed for Christmas

GoatTI read it somewhere, and thought it was a great phrase. We likely have too much stuff. Could we get unstuffed for Christmas this year? Here are some ideas…

I loved a daughter in law’s suggestion of goodies for the adults instead of gifts. We all make or buy a dozen of our favourite treats, then put them into bags for each adult to take home one of each.

Another thing I thought of, and this is embarrassing, I have 2 extra coats in my closet that I haven’t worn in over a year. By golly, I need to get those off to the Goodwill Store!

What about taking people to a concert, theatre production, art gallery, or even a movie instead of more stuff?

You’ve probably also heard of World Vision and their wonderful program of buying a goat or pig or chickens for a family living in poverty. What a great gift idea! Here’s a link to check this out…World Vision Gift Catalogue.

The local food banks also need donations. What non perishables do you have in the cupboard that could be passed on?

I am quite sure I’ve barely scratched the surface of this concept. So now I’m turning it over to you. What ideas do you have for getting unstuffed for Christmas? I’ll be looking for your comments – right after I get back from Goodwill.