Growing Older

Bouquet in BlueSome parts of growing older are lovely. Such as learning to make peace with oneself. It’s only been in the last few years that I have started to come to grips with my humaness; the fact that I will not always say, do, or understand things rightly. That getting it wrong is synonymous with the human condition. This immense relief of applying grace to myself quite naturally becomes applicable to others as well. We are all constantly in a state of change; we are all constantly in a state of becoming. We are all on a journey both inside and out.

It’s odd to be this far along in my personal journey. When did that happen? Apparently when I wasn’t looking! Twenty more good years perhaps? Sometimes I am sad about that – so much unlearned, unspoken, yet to be done. Other times I love the way that knowing time is short helps me to live each day more fully. And then there are times when my heart aches for joy at the thought of leaving this life behind for the next adventure. I expect there will still be lots to learn there, but no more growing older. (Featured painting: SOLD)