Healthy Painting

Hands4TIf you are like I am, and tend to get paint all over your hands at times, you should be aware of some health hazards. When products say “non-toxic”, it means when they are used in the manner that is usual for them. Artist paints are not meant to be painted onto your skin. Certain pigments, such as phthalos and cadmiums, contain toxic chemicals that can be absorbed into your skin and be detrimental to your health. Wearing gloves is one good solution. I don’t like to wear gloves when painting, and so instead I use a silicone barrier cream on my hands. This comes in a tube in the baby department of the drug store – they sell it to put on babies’ bottoms. You need to see the word “silicone” on the tube. Putting this on like a hand cream before painting helps your skin not absorb paint. Make sure that your hands are very dry after putting it on, before touching your canvas or your watercolour paper or you will make some spots that may resist paint there too!