Not Easy Sometimes

UnlPr590MichelAAnyone who puts serious effort into painting has run into this – comments about how nice it must be to spend so much time painting. Yes, that is true. I am the first to admit that I’m incredibly blessed in my profession and truly love what I do. That said – it’s still not easy sometimes. Sometimes the vision in your head or heart doesn’t form on the canvas. Sometimes the atmosphere you want eludes you, and the shapes seem to fight with each other rather than working in harmony. The frustration and disappointment are tangible. Even when it is working out as you hoped, there are still many hours at the easel that represent discipline and perseverance – just plain work – to bring the whole thing to completion. Painting is a skill that needs to be learned, and continued to be practiced for an artist to be able to express themselves well. I get what Michelangelo was saying. What do you think? Is being creative sometimes work for you?