Playful Painting – 8 Suggestions

Roses250When it comes to being creative, having a playful attitude can really help the creative mode kick in. What would have to happen for you to have a more playful attitude when painting? Here are some suggestions:

1. Work smaller than usual so that it’s not a ‘big’ project.

2. Work larger than usual and only let yourself use much bigger brushes.

3. Choose a subject that you have never tackled before, and tell yourself it’s just for fun.

4. Put on some lively music and paint in time to it.

5. Paint holding the brush with the other hand.

6. Play with colours and shapes and no subject in mind.

7. Start with some scribbled lines and add colour after.

8. Start with some colourful shapes and add lines after.

Do you like the idea of more playful painting?