The Failure Factor

Port2T“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another without loss of enthusiasm.” Winston Churchill –

You might think of me as that person who is constantly encouraging artists; at least, I hope you do. Today however I have some sobering information that you need to absorb. I call it “The Failure Factor”. Put quite simply, it is this – creative people fail more often than non creative people. This makes sense when you understand the definition of being creative. To be creative is to make something new – to combine things that were previously not combined and make something new that is useful or esthetically pleasing. So, someone who does the same thing the same way, time after time, may never fail. But they are also not being creative. It is necessary for you to grasp this failure factor so that you will not be discouraged with failing, but will understand that failure is a necessary part of being creative. Because of this, to be creative takes real courage and a spirit willing to persevere as well. Read that quote again by Churchill at the start of this blog – does it make more sense to you now?