The Thing About Crazy

MoonTThere’s no denying that historically, some artists have been crazy. Poor tormented Vincent van Gogh is the most famous case. But really, I think that has given the rest of us artists a bad rap without good reason. Here’s my theory. In the west, traditionally logical thinking has been valued highly. Take A plus B and you get C. However, logical thinking is only type of thinking. Most artist spend time in what I call creative chaos mode. Since being creative by definition involves combining previously uncombined items in a new and useful or aesthetically pleasing way, creative chaos thinking does not go step by step. It’s thoughts such as ‘what would happen if I poured rubber into my waffle iron’. Which led to the invention of Nike shoes, and made a lot of money for the inventor. This kind of thinking tends to look really crazy to any observer, but can lead to creative work that could not be discovered in a more traditional manner. So don’t be too quick to label us artists as crazy. Creative chaos can be a very good thing – you should try it!