Tiny Drops in a Mighty Ocean of Words

A new writer to Medium ponders, what the hey?

Breakers – watercolour by Cheryl O Art

Amid thousands of excellent writers and myriads of fine articles, my words are teensy tiny drops. Not even a splash. That would be my current position, which is to be expected, being new. So what the hey am I doing on here? Audacious or naïve or just up for a lot of Grammarly icons? It could be those or something else altogether.

Those baby ducks who jump out of trees and plummet to the ground? Oddly, they are supposed to do that. Perhaps I’m supposed to write. But this doesn’t answer the why.

Confession: I’ve done some writing. Art courses for adults for over 25 years, a weekly art and creativity newsletter for 11 years. But this? This is different.

Could I have an original idea to write about? Ha! Now, to think THAT would be naïve. Even if the fiery heat of my continually overthinking brain should produce the odd rough diamond, chances are huge: it’s been thunk before.

A more plausible possibility is, that I may have a way of expressing an idea where the expression is uniquely mine.

Humans are full of unique variations from the hair on your toes (yes, Bilbo, humans can also have hair on their toes) to the ideas your gray matter likes to cozy up with. We are individuals — distinct entities. You are uniquely you and here’s the point. If you like my voice, if my thoughts resonate with you, my writings could be a princess-missing-slipper fit for your treasured reading time.

Stretching the mind with thoughts expressed in a particular creative way is one type of reading experience. There are also life experiences to share. I have a few and hope they make you smile. Laughing is good too — no judgment about snorting either.

This next thing, it’s real for me. I don’t want to die before I have used up every drop of creativity the Creator put into me. Wrung out and drip-dried with the last bit of moisture sailing away on a summer breeze.

Until then, for sure it’s about connecting; finding other like-minded humans; looking for the lovers of life. I know you’re there. We can cheer each other on. It can be deeply comforting to know you are not alone and I hope to encourage you to love life even more.

The haters are real too, I’ve known a few and will likely share some stories about dealing with them. However, I will try not to bleed on you too often. Live for a little while and everyone has scars. Occasionally my scars, or joys, may show up as a poem. It’s that creative spirit — hard to hold it down once it starts flapping frantically.

Quick example. While painting “Happiness Skips”, the little poem below also bloomed into being. I had to stop painting for a minute to write it down.

Happiness Skips – acrylic by Cheryl O Art
Pensive sits.
Laughter slips.
Sorrow saunters.
Happiness skips!
Cheryl O Art

Creativity is paramount in my world. I have learned from happy experience, art friends are the best, but only a few years ago I came to understand that there is a practical reason for this.

In his groundbreaking book “The Master and His Emissary” author Iain McGilchrist presents the case that creativity is intimately connected to increased empathy in our gray matter. For me, it was life-affirming to read those research studies.

I used to say, (note the past tense), “I teach adults to paint and draw. Tough job but someone has to do it.” Through this book, I learned that growing more creative also encourages more empathy in a person, and this knowledge both affirmed my work and filled me with gratitude.

I always knew that being creative can give joy, which is amazing in itself and why I chose a career in teaching art, and now scientific research says that it can influence much more than that, for the good of our broken world. According to McGilchrist, Western society by emphasizing left-brained productivity so you can collect more stuff, is resulting in a world lacking empathy, and breaking our connection with others. Art and creativity can encourage a more right-brained compassionate way of being.

Even if you are not actively involved in any creative field, but you wholeheartedly support those who are – speaking to art lovers and art appreciators here – you can have a positive influence too. I will also be writing for you.

At times there will be some down-to-brush practical tips on painting. I enjoy sharing tips and techniques that can grow a painter’s art. Art lovers and gallery hoppers may also enjoy the curtains being pulled back on how a painter brings mastery to their craft.

Here’s an article I wrote for both painters and art appreciators:

A Painter Ponders: Hello Darkness

I hope you enjoy this off-the-beaten-path wordway (Cheryl who?) that I dare to dream could become a place of happily anticipated sharing with me.

Meanwhile, here I am, getting my feet wet at the ocean’s edge while breathing deep some terrific words by other writers.

Here goes — belly-flopping in like a baby duck. Welcome to my words.

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