Two Roads

Path230The road less travelled might look like this:

1. Uncertain destination / 

2. Most people wonder what on earth you are thinking / 

3. Income uncertain / 

4. Both failure and freedom are intimate friends of yours / 

5. Sometimes you wonder what on earth you are thinking/ 

6. Creativity is your best friend / 

7. There are some really fascinating people on this road with you / 

8. Your cup overflows with tears and with joy / 

9. You die and leave only an intangible inheritance behind 

+++ / 

The road more travelled might look like this:

1. You know where you plan to be in 10 or 20 years / 

2. Most people congratulate you on your choices / 

3. Income seems secure, and is growing / 

4. Failure is a bad word, and freedom is for some age way down the road / 

5. You get stuff / 

6. Security is your best friend / 

7. You get more stuff / 

8. You have lots and lots of stuff / 

9. You die and the certain people get your stuff to add to their stuff / 

I suspect that for most of us, the roads are not as black and white as I have presented. Probably they criss-cross at times and are frequently gray. For myself, sometimes I probably walk funny because I have one foot on one road, and the other foot on the other road. I did have fun presenting the roads in this radical form though. What do you think?