This Week

Just to say – this past week has been busier than usual for me, so not as many blog posts. Hope to be back to more next week. Sometimes life gets in the way of art, and of blog posts. Hope that everyone has a lovely weekend! 


I’ve been pondering, just a little, the fact that we each live our lives inside our own head. Being human means that we are very limited in our understanding. Most of us have learned some things in some areas of life in order to be able to function. I’m not going so far down this path as to say we are not really here. I think we are really here, we just are not able to know what ‘here’ means. When I paint a painting, chances are that you don’t even perceive the colours in the same way that I do. And that’s a fairly basic type of knowing that depends on the rods and cones in our eyes. When we get into more complex issues – we are into a vast deep ocean of unknowing. So I think I’ll just take some time to enjoy the sunshine on the shore, and you are welcome to join me. 
Snowy tree

Extreme Cold

I’ve watched some cool videos, over the past year or so, about people doing things like throwing a bucket of water in super cold weather and instantly it makes snow. Or, blowing bubbles that instantly freeze and make the nicest photos. Having observed these things, I made a mental note in case I wanted to try them. We have had minus 40 in Southern Ontario (with wind chill) at times for the past week or more. And… I have no inclination to take any buckets of water outside. It’s too cold!!! I think I’ll watch the videos again. Those people are crazy.