6 Redundant Things

Flow3TI had some fun thinking of things that are redundant in my life. Here’s a partial list.

1. Rules about using local (actual) colours in a painting. Well, most rules about painting, when I think about it. / 

2. Clocks, on days that I am not teaching / 

3. Expiry dates on chocolate bars / 

4. TV – I just can’t get interested, and besides, I’d rather be painting / 

5. Worrying – it’s such a waste of energy, I sincerely try to avoid it / 

6. Here’s an amazing one…as the years go past I am finding that people or things in my life that touch my heart, make me grow, make me smile or laugh or want to dance, are overshadowing any negatives and making the negative influences gradually become redundant! So much to be thankful for. / 

What about you? What does your redundant list look like?