The Creative Life

GlacWat250Developing a creative spirit can impact your art – and much more. Taking a creative look at any aspect of your life can present previously unseen solutions and opportunities. To benefit the most from this, it is best to go into a ‘no judgement’ mode – a way of thinking that permits all ideas and says, ‘there is no idea that is too crazy or too stupid at this moment’. The ‘what if…?’ question is a great starter. This is the same mode that famous scientists and inventors go into while seeking that new idea that is just genious. They also know that a lot of ideas will be useless, but understand the necessity of complete openess in order to get the most out of potential new thoughts. In the same way an artist who wants to open new possibilities for their art needs to throw out previous conceptions and explore the freedom of ‘what if…’ with their chosen media. It’s a little scary – but can be oh so worthwhile!