What You Love, What I Love

BegTThe fact is, the arts are subjective. The dictionary defines subjective as “…the nature of an object as it is known in the mind  as distinct from the object itself.” In art, this means that a painting I love is not necessarily one that you also love. And what is really tricky, there’s not necessarily a right or wrong about differing opinions on art. Perhaps you have a hectic life, and would love a painting that reads as calm and peaceful in your home. Perhaps you are high energy and want a painting that reads the same. Maybe you delight in a detailed realistic rendering, or perhaps you love to let your imagination explore abstract shapes. And so our mind rules our opinion of the artistic object, in this case a painting, aside from what the actual object is. Subjectivity is, I think, a good thing by and large. It allows for a great many different artistic expressions appealing to a large range of audiences. It means that there is no one best way to interpret a subject artistically. That all said, I’m never going to love your painting of Elvis on black velvet, but I do respect your right to have it above your couch… if you really must.