Your Amazing Voice

Mnt3TSome things have a way of causing a sense of awe to well up inside me – such as those amazing photos from deep space, the deep stillness by a mountain lake – and your amazing voice. “What?”, you say. Do I even know you? I actually don’t have to. Here’s the thing. Everyone has a very unique individual voice. Not necessarily the one you talk with, although those are special too – I’m thinking of the one you create with. In creative arts, painting is what I’m most acquainted with. Imagine this – a class of 14 students. Let’s say they are pretty new into art and so I’m helping them step-by-step through a painting – carefully giving colour and technique instructions. At the end of the class we set the 14 paintings against the wall – and guess what? NONE of them look the same! Each bears the stamp of the unique individual who created it! Then as students get more proficient, their individual voice gets even stronger. How amazing that we should each have our own distinctive creative voice! I think I have one of the best jobs ever, helping people discover this. What do you think? Do you know that you have an amazing voice?